TN: Freemark Abbey Cabernet Bosché Napa 1995

Freemark Abbey Cabernet Bosché Napa 1995

To be 14 years old, this had a youthful red color. The nose surrendered pencil lead, cedar and red currants trailing to licorice and mint. Flavors of blackberry juice drifted into every element of the bouquet, then transitioned into the classic dusty rose that marks this wine just before a finish of mocha. This is an incredibly smooth wine; a seamless wine that offers bottle sweetness out the wazoo! Everything is in place. The sweetness of the fruit is incredible on the midpalate and finish. Yes, this is a winery that, as Arpy has said, is in need of a serious wake up call, and this was probably the last vintage worth a damn by this winery, but, oh, what a wine. An no, now that Jess Jackson owns the place, he won’t be making a wine this good anytime soon. Only the smallest grains of sediment; surprisingly little sediment. 13.8% alc. With grilled veal chops topped with a porcini wine reduction sauce. 05.09.09. Highly Recommended.

Any note that contains the words “surrendered” and “wazoo” is OK by me. [gheyfight.gif]

This is very true…oh, and their tasting room staff are among the worst in Napa…no, wait, California.


have had many vintages between the early 80s and 1996. Bosche has never disappointed me but i had not tasted their modern fare.

Has anyone tried the 1985 Bosche recently?

i had the wine in early 2007 and thought it was excellent. was well stored and cork had maybe 1/4" of staining!

gonna have the 1992 Friday night with some rib-eyes if work stays orderly.

1992 FA Bosche TN Feb 08: OK, 1992 was the year i began my medical career (post-residency) and i always enjoy wines from this year. i was young, wild and living on Pensacola Bch, Fl. had no money and just did surgery, sailed and chased tail. certainly didn’t drink wines like this! Bosche Vineyard is just NW of Rutherford and has been lauded for decades. wines from here are Cabernet Sauvignon with a bit of Merlot. sadly i can’t find climate descriptors for the 92 vintage.

this wine is so vibrant, so bright and yet so dense on the nose it is crazy considering its age and now diminished (by many but not yours truly) pedigree. i might guess recent vintage, well-made Oz Cab? oak is totally subdued compared to the recent aged Joseph Phelps Cabs i have enjoyed. color is between Cab Sav and Pinot, EtOH 13.8%. this wine in your mouth is Cab heaven: dark to darkest fruit but elegant with sweet tannins that persist thru a minute-long plus finish. notes of cocoa/chocolate are readily apparent.

1992 FA Bosche TN May 09: popped another one of these tonight and this bottle is definitely a bit older than the one described above. low-neck fill with very good cork which was a bit depressed. nose is slightly stewed with a bit of burnt match, not getting mint or eucalyptus, very little fruit tonight in the nose. color tonight way more typical for a Cab Sav. taste still very nice with sweet plums and darker cherries but no cocoa and the finish remains long and satisfying. still with very little sediment.