TN: Four Aeris Wines....(short/boring)

We tried these for at out Pig+Fig tasting ystrday:

  1. Aeris Carricante CentennialMtnVnyd/Calif (12.5%) RhysVnyd/Ukiah 2018: Light gold color; lovely floral/carnations/gardenias/spicy Carricante some stony/mineral very perfumed nose; rather tart/tangy fairly floral/carnations/Carricante slight chalky/mineral somewhat complex flavor; very long/lingering finish that mimics flavor; quite a lovely bianco w/ loads of Carricante fruit. $59.00

  1. Aeris EtnaBianco Superiore Carricante (12.2%) I.Vigneri do Salvo Foti/Randazzo/Sicily 2016: color; slight funky/musty rather earthy light floral/Carricante/carnations quite chalky/stony/mineral slight phenolic fairly complex nose; tart/tangy slight phenolic/VM quite mineral/chalky slight fruit rather savory/saline flavor; very long quite savory very stony/mineral finish that mimics flavor; speaks lightly of Carricante fruit & strong of Sicily terroir; a lovelly quite savory Carricante. $63.00

  1. Aeris Bricco Rosso CentennialMtnVnyd/Calif (14.5%; 50% Nebbiolo/20% Nerello Mascalese/10% Carignane/10% Primitivo/10% Barbera) 2017: Dark color w/ slight bricking; med.strong Nebb/floral/violets/lilacs quite fragrant bit earthy/dusty some toasty/oak bit complex very attractive nose; fairly tart some tannic/rough/grippy some Nebb/floral/lilacs slight toasty/oak bit complex quite attractive flavor w/ modest rough/coarse tannins; long finish follows the flavor; definitely Nebb but would not be mistaken for Piemonte; a quite good expression of Calif Nebb; needs 3-6 yrs of age yet. $49.00

  1. Aeris Nerello Mascalese CentennialMtnVnyd/Calif (14.5%) 2018: Med.color w/ slight bricking; rather quiet/low-key bit rustic/licorice/Nerello some earthy/dusty/loamy bit Nebb-like slight Italiante rather interesting nose; rather tart/tangy bit rough/rustic/Italianate some coarse/licorice/Nerelly/bit plummy flavor w/ modest rough tannins; not particularly high-toned fragrance & a bit on the coarse/rustic side but somewhat Italianate in character; needs 2-6 yrs of age yet; kinda pricey at $59.00

More trikrslep from TheBloodyPulpit:

  1. The Aeris wines are the Italian themed wines of KevinHarvey/Rhys. In addition to the ones he makes in Sicily, most come from his CentennialMtn vnyd in MendoCnty, which is focused on Italian varieties.
    The whites are a bit on the expensive side, but are very inderesting renditions of Carricante. I liked the Bricco as quite a good expression of Calif Nebb.
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I posted last week on a bottle of the '18 Bricco Rosso. The nebbiolo was definitely prominent on the nose and in the tannins, but I thought the other grapes also showed through.

Like you, I liked the Carricante a lot when I tasted it at Rhys last year (I posted notes on that tasting further up the same thread).