TN: Forlorn-Hope LesDeuxMatieux PetiteSirah '06....(short/boring)

Cracked this wine from the archives last night:

  1. Forlorn-Hope LesDeuxMathieux PetiteSirah Mt.T’s Vnyd/SuisunVlly (14.7%; 97 cs) MatthewRorickWines/Calistoga 2006: Very dark/black color w/ some bricking; strong pungent/licorice/PS/peppery some dusty/earthy/OV bit alcoholic/volatile some toasty/pencilly/oak nose; soft/fat rather licorice/peppery/PS quite rugged/tannic some toasty/oak fairly earthy/dusty/OV little fruit very coarse flavor w/ ample drying/hard tannins; long fairly earthy/dusty/OV strong coarse/PS/pungent/bit peppery some toasty/oak no fruit finish w/ ample coarse/hard tannins; a very coarse/oafish/clunky expression of PS that has lost all its fruit & is going nowhere; a classic huge/extracted PS that age has not been kind to.

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. The 2 Matieux’s are MattRorick & Matt Dees/Jornata, who were classmates at UC/Davis. The grapes come from the TennbrinkVnyd in the SuisunVlly. Made at SpencerWnry when Matt was winemaker there. This was a massive/extracted monster PS in its youth. It has gone nowhere except to lose that small amount of PS fruit it once had. I sorta expected this of the wine when I first tried it. It’s sorta like extracting a Silverback Gorilla out of the Kenya Highlands, dressing him in a cute tutu, and asking him to dance in the SwanLake ballet and then expecting some good results. Notta gonna happen.

Petite seems to promise it’ll be really great if you have 10-15 years. Seldom does it happen.

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Yup, Casey…sure seems that way. Making a massively extracted PS promises so much…but seldom
seems to deliver. But it can be done. The Ridge YorkCreek '71, tasted in te mid-'90’s, was one of the greatest
Calif red wines I ever had. I think the secret is making it w/ some balance, not going for huge extraction.

My thoughts have evolved on PS too. While I’ve had a number 10-20 years old that made me think “wow, it seems so young for a wine with this many years”, that’s really not synonymous with improvement. I’ve had only a couple that I thought improved much with age. Now I think I might as well drink them in the 4-8 year range, which gives enough time for some tannin mellowing but still retain the intensity of flavors/fruit.

I think when PS ages, it melds into something ‘different’ than what most think of as PS . . .kind of like Zinfandel.

‘Improve’ or ‘evolve’ are very subjective with regards to this variety IMHO. My experience has been that if a PS is big and extracted, once it sheds that oomph of a young wine, the skeleton that remains will not be as ‘pretty’ as it ages compared to nearly any other variety.


But at least it won’t be premoxed or go bad the way many many other wines do. neener