TN: Forlorn-Hope King-Andrews '15...(short/boring)

My F-H shipment arrived Thurs, so cracked last night:

  1. Forlorn-Hope King-Andrews Vnyd/SuisunVlly WW (12.34%; 47 cs; CheninBlanc/GreenHungarian/Vermentino/TrousseauGris) Murphys 2015: color; some stony/mineral rather fragrant CB/flowery/melony/very fruity/apple blossom rather delicate/ethereal nose; rather tart fairly rich/lush/honeysuckle very flowery/CB/fruity/apple blossom light stony/earthy/chalky bright/zippy/delicate flavor; very long/lingering very flowery/CB/fruity/apple blossom light stony/chalky very pretty/bright lovely finish; speaks mostly of CB; a very bright/fragrant/pretty Calif CB; not be mistaken for a Loire by any means but just very good drinking in a delicate style. $26.00

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. With Matt’s wines, you’re not always sure what you’re going to get until you open the btl. This was just a lip-smackin’/good drinkin’ white that went down all to easily.

Tom, do you happen to know what the blend is on the King-Andrews? Assume that it’s mostly Chenin Blanc but includes other varieties as well - is that correct?

I tasted a pre-release bottle of Forlorn Hope 2015 Chenin Blanc from Matthew’s own vineyard when I visited him early last month.


Had a really nice visit with Matthew at his vineyard and winery early last month.
Visit to Rorick Vineyard / Forlorn Hope Wines – August 2016

; CheninBlanc/GreenHungarian/Vermentino/TrousseauGris

Thanks for the info, Tom.