TN: Forlorn-Hope C/Ghost Mondeuse '16...(short/boring)

Tried this last night:

  1. Forlorn-Hope C/Ghost Mondeuse RHVnyd/CalaverasCnty (100% stem inclusion; 52 cs; 12.40%) 2016: Med.light color; strong classical Mondeuse/black cherry some herbal/rosemary/thyme some earthy/mushroomy quite Savoie-like slightly rustic quite attractive nose;fairly tart/quite tangy strong Mondeuse/black cherry/light licorice fairly herbal/rosemary/thyme/spicy quite Savoie-like/earthy bit hard/bitey flavor w/ modest brittle/rough tannins; very long/lingering quite tart/tangy strong Mondeuse/black cherry/herbal/thyme/pungent some earthy/dusty finish w/ some hard/rough tannins; quite Savoie-like but not as earthy/rustic; quite an interesting Mondeuse. $32.00

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. I liked Matt’s Mondeuse (first one, I believe) because it showed a lot of the style of Mondeuse from the Savoie. It’s not as big & powerful as the Lagier-Meredith and not the oak and not quite as herbal/thyme/rosemary, but quite good in its own right.
    Clearly a grape they should be planting all up&down the coast of Calif.

I need to get this. Thanks, Tom!