TN: ForgeCllrs DryRiesling FingerLakes '15..(short/boring)

Tried this over the weekend:

  1. ForgeCllrs DryRiesling Classique FingerLakes (85% east side SenecaLake/15% west side CayugaLake; Hrvstd: Oct 11-26; RS:0.42%;; 1800 cs; 13%) LouisBarruol/RichardRainey/JustinBoyette Hector/NY 2015: Med.dark gold color; clean/crisp quite mineral/flinty/steely some floral/R/bit mango fairly perfumed/aromatic quite attractive nose; quite tart/tangy/bit metallic rather steely/tangy/flinty/mineral/chalky light floral/R/mango fairly lean/austere bit eviscerated flavor; very long quite tangy/tart slight lime/citric some metallic/steely/flinty/mineral light floral/mango/R rather austere finish; quite an interesting terroir-driven R more like those from MargaretRiver than Germany. $21.00 (KK)

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. When I got my latest WineSphincter in the mail w/ the World’s…er…Universe’s Top 100 wines, I immediately ripped out the pull-out page and speeded down to KoKoMan’s. I had to have that Duckorn Merlot. I pleaded & whined to Mark to get me a btl, even offered him my first-born son. Alas, it was not to be had at any price. So let’s go onto #2. Nope…none available. So we continued to work our way down the list. Bingo…#31…Forge Riesling…he had one btl left…which I, of course, jumped at. But…ye gads…#31. I’m worth much more than that. I am such a pitiful example of humanity if #31 is the best I can do. Life is no longer worth living…I’m such a wuss.

  1. Not exactly sure what LouisBarruol, of StCosme, brings to this project. Riesling (or PinotNoir) would not be an obvious grape for him.