TN: Five Boheme PinotNoirs...(short/boring)

We tried these five last night in our Pinot tasting at Pig+Fig:

  1. Boheme PinotNoir TaylorRidgeVnyd/SonomCoast (13.7%;; 0.65 tons/acre; 105 cs; Swan Slctn) 2015: Med.color w/ slight bricking; strong pencilly/Fr.oak slightly volatile/aromatic strong black cherry/PN bit earthy quite pretty somewhat complex nose; fairly tart/tangy strong pencilly/Fr.oak bit slender/tight strong cherry/PN bit complex flavor w/ light tangy tannins; very long/lingering rather pencilly/Fr.oak bright cherry/PN bit earthy quite pretty finish w/ light brisk tannins; should go another few yrs yet. ​

  1. Boheme PinotNoir TaylorRidgeVnyd/SonomCoast (13.9%; 0.89 tons/acre; 144 cs; Swan clone) 2016:
    ​color w/ little bricking; much like the '15 but not quite as perfumed with less toasty/oak ; strong
    black cherry/PN bit richer/more earthy nose; lightly tart stronger /richer black cherry/PN bit more earthy/Burgundian some pencilly/toasty/oak some complex flavor w/ light tangy tannins; very long/lingering strong black cherry/PN finish w/ light tangy tannins; very similar in character to the '15 but a bit more youthful; delicious now & could use another yr or two. $43.50

  1. Boheme PinotNoir EnglishHillVnyd/SonomCoast (13.5%; 2.03 tons/acre; 378 cs; Dijon 115 & 667/Vosne-Romanee/Calera clones) 2016:
    color; strong black cherry/PN slight volatile perfumed light toasty/oak quite fragrant nose; much like the TR in style & character but a bit more fragrant/perfumed. $43.50

  1. Boheme PinotNoir StullerVnyd/SonomCoast (13.7%; 0.47 tons/acre; 167 cs) 2016: Med.color bit shier some black cherry/PN some earthy nose; strong black cherry/PN somewhat richer/earthier bit less complex flavor w/ bit stronger harder tannins; very much like the previous two but a bit more earthy & less perfumed.$43.50

  1. Boheme PinotNoir EnglishHill SonomaCoast 10’th Anniv (14.1%) 2014:
    light color w/ some bricking; light pencilly/Fr.oak/toasty lightly fragrant cherry/PN somewhat complex nose; lightly tart some cherry/PN light earthy more complex lighter flavor w/ light gentle tannins; not quite a strong as the '16 and much more delicate/elegant; seems to just have faded away a bit but still a beautiful elegant PN.

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. I really liked this set of Boheme Pinots. They are not big/bombastic style of Pinot & show a certain degree of elegance and old world sensibility, maybe a bit Burgundian if you will. But they definitely speak of Calif Pinot.

​Of the three vnyds, I prefer slightly the TaylorRidge as a bit more structured. The Stuller generally shows a bit more earthy, perhaps a more Burgundian character.




Thanks for sharing these delightful notes. This group sure seems to be in prime drinking window @ 5-7 yrs - wish I were there to experience with you!

‘14 was a fabulous vintage: light on feet with freshness that reminds me of ‘18 (so good) and acidity to go the distance.

‘15 & ‘16 you may recall were drought winters followed by spring drear on the coast that caused low flower set. Yields were in range of .5 - 1 tpa if I recall. Tannins from those vintages were abundant and I’m pleased they’ve resolved in time. Good as the drought wines are, in hindsight I’d have taken a lighter hand to pigeage and perhaps pressed a bit sooner, as the wines were just so powerful. :blush: