TN: First taste of Zinfandel!

Hello! Recently I asked for recomendation on Zinfandel. I was gived many good ideas. But now I try my first - one that is easy available in our alcohol monopoli shops:

Beringer Clear Lake Zinfandel 2004

I kind of like, but kind of think it is not so interesting. But it is not one I say “yuck”, but one I say is ok to drink, but I don’t excite!

It smells of berrys. In summer we have lots of berrys grows wild in Finland, and this smells like you pick up all of the different kind and mix them and make jam of it. Yes! :slight_smile: It is smell I like. Also there are smells of some oak, like vanilla. It has lots of taste, full body, it seems all of sweet fruit, not much acid and not much tannin but enough so it is not like drinking jam. I like it, but when 17€, not enough that I buy again. But it was interesting to try this grape I did not had before. I enjoy to wait for the other Zinfandels I buyd!

Yep, that sounds like zinfandel. [welldone.gif]

Nice note Juhani. Your posts always make me smile…in a good way. Zins used to be my favorite variety. I drank cases and cases of zins from many wineries in Dry Creek valley. But the style seemed to change and so did I and I haven’t tried many since. I’ve had a few recently…Martinelli is my recent favorite but I doubt that it will come your way.
Keep up the great posts.

Agreed. It sure does.

Bob, Steve, good to hear! Which parts exactly sounded like Zin? The berries? or the low acid and tannin? or something else?

Gary, good for smiling, though I see not why from my note (not funny, not informationing). And no Martinelli here. :frowning: I think you Americans drink all good stuff yourselfs so very little left for us in rest of world! :smiley:

Carlisle? Pssh.

Scherrer Old and Mature Vines, baby…that’s the Zin!

Have to disagree with others. This does not “sound like Zinfandel”. It sounds like a wine made from a particular style. Its a bit like saying a note on a Kosta Browne sounds like Pinot Noir to me. Not to a fan of the Santa Cruz Mountains or Burgundy it wouldn’t.

Juhani, keep tasting and try things from people who make Zin in a more traditional style and try to hut down some with some age. Ridge and Nalle come to mind immediately. Not all pick with high brix, extract a ton of fruit and try to bury you with flavor.

Martinelli isn’t the good stuff unless you really like carbonated soft drinks.