TN duel: Teutonic "Battle of the Cracken" PN 2014 / Charles Krug PN 2014

We’ve been doing side-by-side bottles of similar varietals / different makers and regions. Here’s one of our first comparisons, a pinot noir from CA and a pinot noir from OR.

Teutonic Wine Company 2014 Pinot Noir “Battle of the Cracken”, $25 MSRP, 13.3% ABV
This is on the higher end of ABV from Teutonic, who generally strive for lower alcohol content. Cranberry color, with flavors on the strawberry and sour cherry end. The ‘Cracken’ in the bottle is the gripping acidity on the palate, which can only be tamed with food. Teutonic recently opened a winery location in Portland, which is worth a visit. Recommended… An extra bonus is the fantastic label art. Note - I appear to be a bit of a noob with posting and can’t find the Upload Attachment option for my own picture, so below is a link to a bottle shot.

Charles Krug 2014 Carneros Pinot Noir, $28 MSRP, 14.1% ABV
In contrast to the Teutonic offering, the Charles Krug offering is heavier, as is typical of an Oregon (often more mineral) vs Carneros (more lush, heavy) comparison in our experience, and a more typical pinot noir cherry. The mouthfeel is more smooth, lacking the striking acidity of the Teutonic while adding the oak influence with a noticeable but restrained touch of vanilla on the mid to late palate. Recommended… Yes, there are better pinots from Carneros/Napa/Sonoma, but assuming you can find this for less than MSRP in practice, it is a very good $20 wine.