TN: DRC, Maume, others

Our wine group met yesterday and we had a good mix of bottles. Some highlights below.

1988 DRC St Vivant: Lovely perfume, translucent, evolved, sour cherry, muted spice notes. Had the DRC sweetness signature but all of the elements were at a very low volume. Seemed more evolved that other 1988 DRC’s tasted recently.

2002 Maume Mazis Chambertin: Lovely wine in a great place. Sweet on the attack, powerful but light on its feet with great acidity. Made me think of the Ali quote “Float like a butterfly sting like a bee…”

1974 Phelps Napa and 1974 Mondavi Napa: Great Flight. Ethereal mature cab bouquet that still had the sweetness of the fruit lingering…Very pretty wines that were still fully there and even developed in the glass. Ah, the good old times…

1983 Mouton and 1983 Mission Haut Brion: This flight was tasted blind and had us all confused. None of the wines had typical Bordeaux stink nor any of the other markers. Fruit was still present but simple and resolved with a bit of harsh tannins hanging around. Needless to say the host was disappointed. Vintage? Bottles? Who knows.

2004 Grange: Bruiser of a wine with all of the power of a young Grange. The Syrah was singing with a chorus of black pepper, vanilla, and scorched meat. Superb.

Thanks for reading.

Very nice line-up. Thanks for the notes.

nice notes! The Maume Charmes is a great value in burgundy, especially those early 2000’s!