TN: Don’t be afraid 2001 Feudi di San Gregorio Serpico

2001 Feudi di San Gregorio Serpico

OK the last time I had this wine a few years ago a wall of tannins were present. Last night thought it was time to try again. Decanted for 2 hours.

Good news the tannins are really starting to calm down and the wine is starting to shine. Dark purple in color. The aromatics are holding back some. Real nice on the palate with black cherry fruit some chocolate little leather. Good length, real nice finish with a little drying on the back end from the tannins. Great drink and I believe will only get better. I will search out a few more to own. 92-94 pts for me Not nearly “internationalized” as I recalled from the last time I had

Thanks for the note. I almost popped one last night but decided to wait. Perhaps if I had read this first. This was (is?) a tannic beast but it also gets dissed for not being a 97 point wine (which except for Thomases no one really thought it was).

Thanks for the note, Alan. Good to see you here.


I am going to try and keep posting TN’s. Doesn’t flow easily but I will work at it.


Thanks for the report.

I have had this wine on about 3-4 occasions since release and it has never wowed me. Clearly too young, but assessing on that, I do not think this will ever be a GREAT wine. 98 by Thomases, as I recall, was just absurd from the get go, IMO.