TN - Dominus 2018

Dominus 2018
A wine of striking depth, breadth and length yet, weirdly, it’s not hugely proportioned. Rather, it shows enormous intensity, fills the palate with scent and reaches right to back of the throat with a finish sustained by the finest of tannins and a gently insistent acidity. That acidity, which comes across as a bright and lively juiciness, gives a real sense of light and shade, bringing high-definition focus to the fruit expression. Blackcurrants, cherries and blackberries , alongside mint and floral characters lead the way. Spice takes over on the mid-palate with dried herbs and a bay leaf scent. Complex and chiselled, you hardly notice the tannins, yet there’s a fine web of high-tensile structure that cushions and frames the fruit. Only mid-bodied, it has a sense of weightlessness. Very elegant. Finishes with a dusting of cocoa powder tannins.



Thanks for the TN. I have been sitting on the fence with Dominus for a long time with no purchases, whereas I am a big fan of Moueix’s Pomerols. Any relation between the two?

I had the to pleasure to drink a 2015. Amazing and one of a kind.

I am also a fan of the 3 (adding Belair Mon to the list) but Dominus is in a different style, regardless of the left bank grapes used here vs right bank for his others. This doesn’t make it good or bad, simply different.

Thanks for the note and would love to try a Dominus one day.

Thank you for the note! I preferentially backfill because we like Dominus with a bit of age, but I might look into a brace of the '18s…

Dominus is one of our very most favorite wines, and features prominently among our peak wine experiences (particularly the 1988, 1991, 1992). We find it occupies a very nice sweet spot between Moueix’s Trotanoy and Hosanna - not nearly as modernist as the Hosanna, and more approachable than the Trotanoy