TN: Domaine Jean et J L Trapet Latricieres Chambertin 2000

Domaine Jean et J L Trapet Latricieres Chambertin 2000:
A nose that combines flavors of truffle, earth, musk, game and berry flavors rather deftly, as well a subtle dollop of candied cherry and violets. This is a fresh and precise wine that is delicious now and very easy to drink. Full of focused fruit flavors- berries, a touch of funk (though not as much as the nose would lead one to believe), chalk and the smallest hint of caramel. This is one of those wines that is really in a great drinking window at the moment . . . a fact made obvious by how quickly it disappeared with only one person drinking it! Not sure it really has the stuffing to go long term but should continue to please Pinot lovers for a number of years. 91 points


This is a really old piece of property for the Trapets.
Bought around the turn of the century in 1904. (I got this from a fantastic piece on the estate by John Gilman. Highly recommended.)
One of the best Latricieres out there.
Now that Jean Louis has his oaking and elevage practice down, this is one of the very best Gevrey addresses to me.
The 05 and later versions of this Latricieres are really reference quality.
Thanks for the note.

2000 Chambertin from JL Trapet tonight.
This shows really nice aromatics and is quite long in the mouth.
That kind of red/black fruit with some element of iron earth. Long finish.

This is very nice.
The 2005 and later wines are a step up from this.

John. You should try one of the new ones.
John Gilman thinks the 2008 is one of the best that JL has produced!

Drank a 2001 recently…" onclick=";return false;

Good wines back then but a whole new experience from 2005 going forward, in my opinion…killer stuff.

I’ll make sure I open a young one soon. Thanks for the heads up guys.

Thanks for the note, John.