TN: Dom.Ciringa FosilniBreg SauvBlanc '16...(short/boring)

Tried this wine over the weekend:

  1. Dom.Ciringa FosilniBreg SauvBlanc (12%; Manfred Tement/Ciringa/Stajerska/Slovenija 2016: Light yellow color w/ lots of tiny bubbles (refreshed w/ CO2) that agglomerate; fairly strong melony/SB slight herbal/grassy bit stony/chalky pleasant enough nose; quite prickly/frizzante/dissolved CO2 light melony/SB/bit grassy rather vapid/watery flavor; med.short frizzante/prickly/dissolved CO2 light melony/SB/simple/bit herbal rather vapid/washed out finish; a pleasant enough SB on the nose but the dissolved CO2 ruins it on the palate; a dull & vapid wine. $24.00 (KK)

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. This is a wnry abutting the Slovenia/Austrian border in the SudStiermark. The wnry is actually located in Austria.

  1. The addition of CO2 at bttling to “refresh” a wine or the intentional retention of CO2 leftover from fermentation is supposed to give the wine a perceived acidity and make the wine more lively. I find that, when the wine hits the palate and the dissolved CO2 often vanishes, it leaves behind a vapid & watery wine. Such was this SauvBlanc…nice nose, but the CO2 trashed it on the palate. I shan’t be deceived by such trickery.