TN: David Lett Memorial Pinot Noir, Eyrie South Block Reserve 2003

Got this bottle in 2008/09 after David passed, god bless him, South Block Reserve from a “hot” year.

When poured looks like cranberry juice, expected darker… with a nose of cranberry, raspberry and under ripe cherry…just all bright red fruits…can this really be 03 Oregon Pinot…anyways, earth, and saline with a palate that is lean and lithe with bright red fruits and wet earth.

Really an ethereal wine, and a nod to David and his legacy. One of the best PN I have tasted in the last 6 months, from anywhere…the wine world will miss your influence, but remember your legacy.

Wish I sold Eyrie still!

Cheers, Kris

If this were on Facebook I’d “Like” it. :slight_smile:

I’d like it if I could get you your SQN and you could open a 2000 La Mission Haut Brion with some Skittles…still the best nose on a wine I have ever sniffed.

I’ll bring Coche Dury.