TN: Cuilleron LaPetiteCote Condrieu '16...(short/boring)

Tried this ystrday w/ my Reuben:

  1. YvesCuilleron LaPetiteCote AC: Condrieu (13%; NealRosenthal Imprts) 2016: color; pleasant peach/pear/Viog slight stony/mineral/perfumed talc rather quiet/low-key nose; rather soft veru quiet/low-key light pear/peach/Viog very slight mineral/perfumed talc flavor; med.short light pear/peach/Viog slight chalky finish; speaks of Viog w/ a whisper but nothing of Condrieu; dozens of Calif Viog, not necessarily in the DollyParton style are much better than this; utterly disappointing; way overpriced at $31.50/hlf (KK)

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. As most of you have noticed, French Condrieu is frightfully expensive. So I try a lot of Calif Viognier. But about once a yr, I splurge for a French Condrieu to remind myself how special the mother home of Viog really is. Alas, this Cuilleron was not that reminder I was looking for. Dreadfully quotidian. Guess I gotta spend more.