TN: Comte Armand 2002 Pommard Clos Des Epeneaux

This is the 2nd of 3 bottles purchased on release. A disappointing wine that will probably never be really good.

On opening there is a pretty nice bit of berry fruit, underbrush, and minerals on the nose. The first taste mimics the nose, but there are very astringent tannins that dominate. For the first few hours the fruit was good enough to make it a semi enjoyable wine. But the fruit slowly started to fade. And then the tannins really kicked in. Saved some for the next day and it was worse. One small glass was poured. The fruit was pretty much gone and the tannins were very dry and astringent. I would think that this has no hope of getting better.

Sad, I have a few

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Wow, this is unfortunate!

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my experience as well, exactly.

lingering theory that some 2002s were harmed in the cellar by the summer of 2003.

So, one bottle remains. I think maybe a fatty wagyu steak on the grill, open and drink in the first half hour and it will be serviceable. I believe $69 on release so no big deal. By the way the 2001 was a pretty good wine🤒

Is this an off vintage for Comte Armand? My experience with them only starts with the 2015 vintage.

If you’ve had the 2015 recently, how’s it drinking?

Not very recently, but it was great with some time in the glass.

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Funilly enough, this seems to be the same description of this wine no matter when it’s opened. My impressions are the same when I have been served this blind. Have one bottle myself but expectations are basically zero by now… :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup, I’ve never drunk one that was “ready.” Sort of like M. Ganoux–so maybe it’s just Pommard? Or, I fear, Pavelot. I should open on his Savigny’s soon, as I own a fair number.

pavelot is the worst offender imo. had so many that were just not fun to drink at all.

Yeah this wine just isn’t that good. Neither is the '05. I had an '85 recently that was lovely.

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I’ve had some nice Pommard. M Gaunoux Grands Epenots is perhaps my favorite of the stable – meaning I actually had a Gaunoux that was in the zone, lol – but it was about 30 years old at the time. I dropped the Corton but have Rugiens young and old. Later Clos des Epeneaux (like '09 on) was really good, as well as Pierre Morey & Moulin aux Moines over the years but ymmv.

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Think the over-extraction and unfortunate cooperage choices of that era were more significant.


for this wine, i assume you mean?

i’ve had a decent amount of 2002s that are showing wear and tear they shouldn’t. but maybe it’s just the aging curve.


Yeah, of course; for this producer in this vintage.


I have had a few Bretty Pavelots, and only persevered to try a few Comte Armands. Always seem a bit tough and charmless to me.

I gave up with this producer long ago when the wines reminded me of a harsh Cabernet.