TN: Colin-Morey Bienvenue Batard Montrachet 2009

still the best BBM I have ever tasted, the wine has a lovely floral element that is woven into the citrus and acidity. Still very young, the wine is coiled and tight, yet hints at its future–the finesse and balance are evident. More power than a typical BBM, it is a gorgeous bottle of white Burgundy. Love this producer at all levels, though grand cru pricing is pushing me out of the chase.

Top 3 or 4 White Burgundy producer for me.


In no particular order.

St. Aubins are best deal in Burgundy, or were a couple years ago.

Sounds nice and I am amazed by the PYCM St Aubins. The BBM that I hold as a benchmark is the Ramonet. I have had amaizing ones which I think are some of the top Burgundy whtes I have had. My only question is the age. PYCM is only around a short while and I wonder how they hold up. Colin has been around for a while but the new approach has not. I wonder how it will hold up although my thoughts are that they will.

Ramonet had always been my top BBM also–this one exceeds it. No mint but more power.

Sounds great, Alan. Given the style of PYCM, I can well imagine that this 2009 is a beauty.

substitute Ramonet for Leflaive and I agree. If cost is an issue, Raveneau can replace Coche.

Too many oxed 1996-1999 Ramonet Ruchottes to care about them. Maybe my favorite producer when on, risk means they are out.

Jacques Carillon’s is pretty special too.

Thanks for the note Alan.

Best Regards