TN: Clos Bellane CdRBlanc Valreas '13....(short/boring)

Steve brougt this as a mystery wine last night:

  1. Clos Bellane LesEchalas Ad’OP: CdR Villages Valreas (100% Roussanne; 14%; MeBaC) StephaneVedeau/Clos PetiteBellane/Valreas 2013: Med.light gold color; some toasty/oak bit floral/honeyed/Rouss/honeycomb light earthy bit complex nose; slightly soft rich/lush/structured ripe/honeycomb/Rouss/pineapple light toasty/oak bit earthy/dusty flavor; very long ripe/pineapple/Rouss/honeycomb/floral some toasty/oak some earthy/dusty finish; a bit on the big/ripe side but packed w/ flavor and quite a good CdRBlanc at a good price. $22.00 (K&L)

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. Never seen a Rhone from Valreas in the Vinsobres AC. StephaneVedeau has been getting a lot of press for his wines, especially his LaFerme du Mont CdP. He farms biodynamically.

I agree with Tom’s description (though, when tasting the wine blind, Roussanne character was barely mentioned), and I question whether the wine will hold up over the long term – which may not even be relevant for a $22 wine!

Unfortunately, it no longer seems to be available. Steve noted at the tasting last night that it had been deleted from K&L’s listings, and I can’t find anywhere else that has it.

I picked up a bottle of this as well and glad to hear you liked it, Tom. Do you think it has anything to gain by letting it rest for a bit, or you think it’s better off fresh?

I’m clueless, Vince. I would guess it’ll keep for another 4-5 yrs. Whether it’ll get better, I can only guess it will over
the next few yrs.