TN: Chevillon Fine de Bourgogne

Not really a wine, but close enough to put in this forum. This is delicious, especially with a good dollop of water- exceptionally smooth, even by the relatively refined standards of a Fine. Lots of butterscotch and dried cherry and sort of a salty/seaweedy undernote. None of the over-the-top butteryness I sometimes get from some Cognacs. I attended a Macallan tasting last week; to my palate, this is way nicer than the Macallan 18 (and much cheaper).

I love this stuff too.
I got it from a shop in Beaune and brought it home.
A little bit goes a long way.
Thanks for the note.

I’m not familiar with fine de bourgogne.

A product from burgundy that reminds you of Macallan? I’m interested.