TN: Chacewater MuscatCanelli BartolucciVnyd '14..(short/boring)

Tried this last night w/ fresh strawberries:

  1. Chacewater MuscatCanelli BartolucciVnyd/LakeCnty (10%l 2014: Near colorless; pleasant floral/muscatty/candied/banana marshmallow candy bit apple blossom nose; soft rather sweet (5%?) muscatty/candied/floral pretty simple/dull flavor; med.short quite sweet underacid/soft muscatty/candied rather simple/vapid finish; a pleasant enough simple muscat nose but rather dull/vapid/flabby on the palate.
    $17.00/hlf (KK)

No BP on this one.

I believe this is the last vintage for this wine, BTW.