TN: Celebrating my son's 2nd and my wife's 30th...

She’s preggers so we’re going to open her birthyear wines once she delivers, so for now, with her able to have a sip or two, we had these…

  • 2007 Tercero Syrah Larner Vineyard - USA, California, Central Coast, Santa Ynez Valley (4/1/2010)
    Very nice Syrah. Darker in color, with definite game, dark fruit and a little funky earth to it, but not too much. A full bodied wine with great texture to it nad some oak on the palate, but not too much. Finish was fantastic with some spice kicking in and the fruits livening up. Excellent balance on the long finish that will keep this alive for quite a while. Not overdone in any way.
  • 2008 Coleman Nicole Pinot Noir Champlain Creek - USA, California, Sonoma County, Sonoma Coast (4/4/2010)
    To be 100% honest, I was a bit scared to open this. I’m a big believer of calling 'em how I see 'em, but unlike Bobby Parker, I can admit that I may be somewhat influenced if I knew the person making the wine and considered him a friend. That being said, I was determined to give as honest an opinion on the wine that I could…

When I first opened it, I couldn’t get much. Maybe some earth, red cherries trying to come out and play, but not really. Light-Medium bodied with a finish that was decsent enough but not anything mind blowing. Me = Worried.

Second day - (Had over half a bottle left…) Poured it into the glass…stuck my big nose in and… WOw… this is ridiculously different. Cherries and Cranberries jumping out of the glass along with a bit of earth coming through and just the slightest touch of Cola underneath it all. In the mouth it’s now medium bodied as it has picked up some weight and the taste is an absolute knockout. This is just a joy to drink. Finish is fantasticly long with great balance. I was in no way expecting this after what I had the first day.

I will wait quite a while to open the rest as the longer it was open, the better it got. Great job Brandon…Fantastic juice and a great way to celebrate my son’s 2-year-old Birthday.

  • 2008 Carlisle Zinfandel Sonoma County - USA, California, Sonoma County (4/4/2010)
    This was an absolute hit with everyone and easily outshone the Jaffurs Ampelos Syrah. Dark cherries and blackberries along with some spice on the nose. Full bodied, but in no way going overboard on the palate, really juicy as well with everything coming together in the mouth. Leading to a rather long finish filled with spice and a nice backbone to it.
  • 2007 Jaffurs Syrah Ampelos Vineyard - USA, California, Central Coast, Santa Rita Hills - Sta. Rita Hills (4/4/2010)
    My wife and I enjoy Jaffurs as much as anyone and have been drinking their wine for years, but this fell off the mark somewhat. To big and Unctuous for me. Almost motor oil black in the glass, this had a nose of black fruits, a lot of spice and definite oak. Full bodied wine with the dark fruit and spice in a race to see who could outdo the other. This all led to a med-long finish with decsent enough acidity, but not too much in the way of tannins, which left this feeling a touch flabby. A lot of others enjoyed it, but I’ve had much better from Jaffurs.
  • 2006 Sea Smoke Pinot Noir Southing - USA, California, Central Coast, Santa Rita Hills - Sta. Rita Hills (4/2/2010)
    My first one of the bunch and I probably should have waited even longer to open. Started off extremely tight, but seemed to open over the course of dinner. Dark Rubyish color to it. Dark red fruits on the nose along with some oak. Medium bodied in the mouth with the dark cherries really coming through leading to a med-long finish that had the acidity and tannins giving this some backbone.

I did find one thing strange though, towards the end of the night, the nose had a distinct maple syrup/brown sugar smell to it and that even infiltrated the taste, which is odd as I usually find this with Saxum… I’ve never had that before with Sea Smoke…

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Congrats Yoni. Looks like you drank well but you sure look like Charlie Fu in that avatar of yours!

Thanks for the review! Honored you put it as a part of your celebration.


Thanks for including my wines in your celebration as well . . . very humbling indeed . . .

Glad the Larner was showing well for you. BTW, no new oak on that puppy whatsoever . . .