TN: Carlisle CMP '13...(short/boring)

Tried this wine last night:

  1. Carlisle CMP WW SonomaCnty (13.3%; Plntd: 1895-1020; Colombard/Muscadelle/Palomino; 225 cs) 2013: Med.light gold color; very fragrant/perfumed pear/peach/peach blossom/floral lightly spicy slight stony/chalky/perfumed talc lovely aromatic nose; fairly tart/tangy very strong pear/peach/pineapple/floral/bit spicy fairly lush dome stony/chalky/perfumed talc beautiful flavor; very long/lingering floral/pear/peach/pineapple lightly spicy light stony/perfumed talc finish w/ a lightly pineapple aftertaste that goes on & on; has a perfuminess that speaks of Muscadelle more than anything; has developed some beautiful aromatics; a gorgeous white.

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. Mike is (rightfully so) famous for his Zins (and Syrahs). But I find his whites are some of the best being made in Calif, as well.
    This is a great example of a wine that has put on weight w/ some age. It originally didn’t have any particularly strong aromatics. But it certainly does now.
    FrenchColombard is generally regarded somewhat of a dullard of a grape. Chalone once produced a FrenchColombard from the very old CyrilSaviez vnyd in the NapaVlly. I assume it has been ripped out and replaced by Cabernet. The wine was not really anything special. This CMP is special.