TN: Cantine Antonio Caggiano Taurasi Vigna Macchia dei Goti 2004

Cantine Antonio Caggiano Taurasi Vigna Macchia dei Goti 2004:
Now this is a serious wine! The nose is a little coquettish at first, but, then, began to show off aromas of black cherry, spices, the essence of Balsamic and smoke. The big standouts here are the black plum/black cherry with dollops of smokey meats, toasted oak and purple flower petals. This has grip and a lengthy finish. Really tasty stuff and it stands to get considerably better. 93 points

These wines need serious time. I drank a '99 Taurasi in '07 and it was very closed down and tannic. You could tell there was serious potential, but it needed at least another 5 yrs. Wish I had a few more in the cellar to try over the next few years.

Any chance you have tried the 98 John (or anyone)?

It is a shame there isn’t a fluid market in old Aglianico like there is in Barolo, Brunello, etc. I am cellaring a bunch out of curiosity (including the 2001 of this) but I really have no idea what I’m going to get when they’re ready.

I haven’t had it. '00 or '01 might be the oldest I own or have had.