TN: Bunch Of Very Nice 2007 White Burgs

Disclosure: we MAY offer some of these for sale at some point:

Old Friend and importer “Snoop Doggie” Doug Polaner came by yesterday with a nice array of 2007 white Burgs to sample and it was a happy time. First of all, not one single loser in the bunch by a long shot. The beauty of the vintage was in full display here with examples of sheer class, purity, elegance, power and breed. Certainly a vintage with plenty of wines to make everyone happy at any price point.

Fournier Bourgogne Blanc, Pinot Blanc 2007

Yes, Pinot Blanc from a rare parcel, I’d drink this all summer long. Very precise, refreshing, zesty with peaches and citrus aromas and sleek personality. Very nice wine.

Merlin Bourgogne Blanc 2007

First experience with Olivier Merlin, he is one the finest winemakers in the Maconnais. Very well made, pleasurable, if not terribly complex Bourgogne.

Thomas Morey Bourgogne Blanc 2007

A step up from Merlin, Morey’s Bourgogne is from two parcels on either side of Chassagne (one with 30+ year old vines). Steel and barrel aging for this one. Fatter with a slight touch of oak and and a lean, focused personality. Bright fruit and acidity and a nice finish. Certainly would beat the hell out of most CA Chards in the same price range.

Picq Chablis Vaucopin 2007

We’re fans of Picq, as it usually offers very well made wines and value. Not a blockbuster by any means but again, a laser-like focus and great aromatics of citrus and flowers. Good ripeness but very fine, elegant and pure. Good middle palate and persistence.

Droin Chablis Vaillons 2007

Much richer than the Picq with more mineral, stony notes, concentration and sweetness. This would be a Chablis that would be tough to keep your hands off of. Just lovely, peachy and candy-like with lively acidity and a long finish.

Droin Chablis Valmur 2007

Grand Cru baby. Smells like it, tastes like it. Superb Chablis with great aromas or almonds, lychee nuts and honeyed peaches. Pretty fat and ripe but again with superb acidity to keep the weight in check and provide excitement. Fans of juicy mama CA Chards would probably love this baby.

Bret Brothers Pouilly Fuisse en Carementrant 2007
Love these guys. Not cheap for Maconnaise but then again, it doesn’t get a lot better. This is classy, elegant but with plenty of ripe fruit, even though it comes across once again as very cutting and precise. Full bodied, exuberant and with a long, dry finish. The balance is impeccable and I can see this being a beauty in 2 more years.

Lamy St Aubin Blanc La Princee 2007

I remember selling premier cru Chassagne and Puligny for the price of Saint Aubin not long ago so I’m having a hard time finding value here. Nevertheless the wine is extremely well made, punchy, dry and to the point. For Saint Aubin this is very nice but for $35 retail? Not so sure.

Lamy Puligny Montrachet Les Tremblots 2007

Excellent Puligny with zesty, citrusy aromas and understated personality. Again, perfectly pure fruit and no frills, it is a sappy, juicy wine with a little stony/mineral component to keep it interesting. As above, would I buy it for $60 retail? No friggin’ way. Nice wine though.

Fontaine Gagnard Chassagne Montrachet Clos St Jean 2007

I like Fontaine Gagnard’s wines but I rarely find them exciting. This is again typical 2007, as you couldn’t find anything remotely wrong with it. Restrained, in need of another year or two to show some stuff, it is ripe and flavorful with nice aromas of crushed rocks and apples. Very long on the finish with perfect balancing acidity. Nice wine but again, the price tag is hard to digest. $65-70? Come on!

Fontaine Gagnard Chassagne Montrachet Vergers 2007

This is certainly more flamboyant and circus-like than the CSJ, with a wide variety of fruits in the nose and a lively personality. A little less Burgundian I may say but still a very well made wine with a fun streak and good balance. Price comment as above. Many wines from the Maconnais are less expensive in this vintage and just as good.

Thomas Morey Chassagne Montrachet Morgeot 2007

From the split at Bernard Morey (according to Doug apparently the heavy set brother makes lean wines and the skinny guy makes the fatter ones). This is a ripe, fat wine but it seemed a little all over the place and disjointed. Nothing wrong with it but it should be re-visited in a couple of years. Nutty, honeyed fruits aromas, clean, ripe, pure fruit but unfortunately not much value here around $60+.

Fichet Meursault 2007

Good balance with a nice dose of wood but not too intrusive. It’s a rather simple Meursault with good ripeness, acidity and generous flavors. Not a lot of class or breed but nice nonetheless.

Fichet Meursault Chevaliers 2007

This actually turned out to be the head turner of the line up. Big wine, with sappy flavors of apricots, almonds and minerals. A little bit of a burly, mean guy with a beefy, fruit driven personality and weight. Very exuberant and exciting, it almost seems atypical but not in a bad way. It’s a wine that would certainly make some friends. We liked it a lot.

The 07 Chablis have everything.
A little baby fat fruit.
Racy acidity.
A great year for them.
Thanks for the notes here Max.


I agree. So far the Chablis really have been the most exciting, at least for me. Drohuin, Billaud Simon, Fevre, Dauvissat…lots of wonderful stuff.

FWIW the Morey Chassagne 1er Cru just landed and is suffering bottle shock I know for a fact. so if the bottles is still there I am sure it will evolve positively over 3-4 days. I love his BB and the BR and Santenay 1er Cru “Les Grand Rousseau” are great too.