TN: Brief impressions of recent sips

2002 Ramey Diamond District Cabernet Sauvignon - I brought this to a CLONYC event a couple of years ago where it walked away with WOTN honors. A very well spent $50. The wine has lost nothing over these couple of years. Rich, harmonious and complex on nose and palate, this is a gorgeous example of Napa cab. I guess Ramey doesn’t do this bottling any longer and more’s the pity.

2004 Jaffurs Thompson Vineyard Syrah, Los Alamos, Santa Barbara County - A deep, dark meaty syrah with tons of complexity and smooth tannic backbone. Very exotic and exciting.

2004 Tensley Thompson Vineyard Syrah - Much brighter fruit with perhaps a touch too much acidity, it lost in stature being served after the Jaffurs. May need more time to develop, but today the Jaffurs was much more exciting.

1994 Calera Pinot Noir, Mills Vineyard - Exotic nose of cedar and spices and dark red fruits. Voluptuous mouthfeel and deep, rich flavors. I love Caleras with 10+ years on them!

1996 Ampeau, Volnay Santenots - After the Calera, this was slightly less impressive (a little less rich and suave), but still an excellent bottle of wine. Earthy flavors dominate the palate. Perhaps a little tight and needing more time.

Me too!!

Old Caleras sure are special. '96 is a favorite of mine. Thanks for the note.