TN: Black Friday Dinner (Rhys, Anthill, Kruger-Rumpf)

Made up some grilled pork tenderloin to go with leftovers of the Thanksgiving day sides. Once again we drank well.

2006 Rhys Alesia Syrah 30 Month Extended Barrel Ageing Trial Fairview Ranch
Wow is this drinking well. Yes it has a bit of oak, but not nearly as much as you might think. It’s very smooth, and the fruit is fresh. Just a lot of fun to drink.

2009 Anthill Farms Syrah Campbell Ranch Vineyard
Another fruit forward Syrah, but again totally in balance and just great fun to drink. I love the meatiness here, and the touch of herbs. Doesn’t show oak, just a long rich finish. Yum.

2009 Kruger-Rumpf Binger Scharlachberg Riesling Spätlese
Big, fruity (lots of pineapple and peach) and bright, this is everything a modern, young Riesling Spatlese should be. Gulpable!