TN: Bedrock SauvBlanc SonomaVlly '15....(short/boring)

We tried this last night:

  1. Bedrock SauvBlanc SonomaVlly/SonomaCnty (14.1%) 2015: Med.dark gold color;; strong honeyed/orangey light toasty/pencilly/oak some melony/SB very slight herbal quite complex beautiful nose; bit soft quite honeyed/orangey rather ripe/melony/SB/slight herbal rather rich some pencilly/oak slight metallic complex flavor; very long/lingering quite melony/orangey/honeyed light pencilly/oak slight herbal bit nutty complex finish; quite an interesting fully mature white.

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. I was quite surprised by this wine. It was showing a lot more maturity than I’d expect from a '15. It was hardly recognizable as a SB. Reminded more of a mature Semillon/Chard blend. That said, I absolutely loved this wine. I’ve been quite impressed across the board by Morgan’s SauvBlancs.

One of the few Sauvignon Blancs that Renee will drink, Morgan makes a great one, we always purchase.

Solid Sav. Big fan of Morgan. Really didn’t appreciate his and his teams skills until recently. I’ll be buying a lot more!