TN: Bedrock Evangelho Heritage '13...(short/boring)

Tried this over the Holidays:

  1. BedrockWineCo EvangelhoVnydHeritage/CCCnty (14.1%; Planted in 1890’s; Carignane/Zin/Mourv) 2013: Dark color; strong earthy/mushroomy/truffly/CCCnty strong plummy/Mourv classic CCRed w/ lots of earthy base notes very attractive nose; soft rather earthy/mushroomy quite dusty/OV rather plummy/Mourv slight tangy flavor w/ light/soft tannins; very long Mourv/plummy/bit chocolaty soft quite earthy/mushroomy finish w/ some soft/round tannins; speaks strongly of CCCnty and Mourv; maybe a bit lacking in structure and resembles an Italian Nero d’Avola more than anything; a biit rustic but very tasty. $31.00

No BP today.

Thx for the note, had one a few weeks ago, agreed about the rusticity but recall it leaving a stronger impression of tannins/structure. Imho, it should be a bit more expressive in a year. 2013 OV Zin is 2013 Bedrock for now.

Definitely agree this one is a lot softer than the rest of the lineup in 2013, also quite a bit lower acidity as well. Drinks more like the OVs than like the rest of the heritage blends. Still extremely tasty, just seems to be the outlier of the bunch in that regard.

This wine actually has a lower pH and higher TA than virtually any of the 2013 Bedrock reds. The softness I think is more attributed to the sand tannins which contribute a fineness to the structure not found on the more volcanic soils of Sonoma or Napa. I would not rush to judgment on it as I have a feeling it will age beautifully, more along the lines of sandy-soiled Cotes du Rhone.