TN: Bedrock CuveeKaratas Semillon MonteRosso '15..(short/boring)

Tried last night:

  1. Bedrock Cuvee Karatas Semillon MonteRossoVnyd/SonomaCnty WW (14.1%; 35% SauvBlanc) 2015: color; very strong waxy/figgy/Semillon/bit olive light pencilly/oak slight earthy/dusty/chalky rather complex nose; rather tart/tangy very strong figgy/Semillon/waxy/olive/smokey quite rich/lush structured some dusty/chalky/mineral light pencilly/oak slight herbal/cardamon/spicy fairly complex slight honeyed/honeycomb beautiful flavor; very long/lingering fairly tart/tangy light pencilly/oak strong Semillon/figgy/waxy/olive slight stony/chalky/mineral structured quite complex finish; drunk way too young and should go out another 10 yrs at least; a beautiful example of Calif Semillon; resembles in structure & texture a 10 yr old HunterVlly Semillon w/o the oak; reminds a lot of some of the old Martini Semillons made by Louis himself but far more fruit and structure. $38.00

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. I believe Morgan no longer is able to buy this Semillon from MonteRosso. Such a shame…this is world-class Semillon.

I agree completely; such a great wine. Vivid, rich, land and complex. It’s a shame that I had to drink 'em too young.

This is a wine that truly needs age - 2009 from a few months back was just hitting it’s prime.

Enjoyed my only bottle this past weekend and ran out and picked up two more. They still had three bottles left, I might have to grab those as well. Look forward to enjoying these with some age on them.

I’ll second that - prime time drinking for sure with plenty left in the tank. Appreciate the generous bring my friend - real treat to drink for sure!

and per Tom’s comment…definitely a damn shame that Morgon does not have access to this semillon any longer. For this cuvee…and especially the desert wine.

Great point, no more Lachryma Montis is just depressing…and I’m not even a huge dessert wine guy!