TN: Baudry 2019 Chinon Les Granges

PNP. Dark Purple colored, on the nose it reveals what should be a lightish wine, but you can tell the significant core of fruit lying beneath. On the palate, pure young unadultrated cab franc with lots of different tones–meat, fruit, flowers, chocolate–in other words, some actual complexity for a young and inexpensive wine. Drunk at cellar temp. A very neat wine for what it is, and one that would be worth revising in a few years. Not structured for any long bones but this one seems vinified to be vibrant and full of life. First time trying this wine.

I drank an '18 this week that was excellent over two nights. Apparently the warmer vintages are good for this entry level wine. I don’t typically buy this wine since the Domaine is usually better for just slightly more, but the '18 makes me rethink that. Will likely buy more and will keep an eye out for this vintage as well.

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I just received delivery of the '19 Les Granges, hoping to try a bottle this weekend.

Oh cool, thanks for the note. I bought and quickly went through and entire case of the 2016. Like some of you, I ordinarily only buy the upper-cuvees. Need to grab some 2018.

Popped a bottle and drinking it now, a little earlier than my weekend.

Greg’s TN pretty much described this. The last Les Granges I liked was the 2014 vintage and this one slayed that.

Thanks for the note! Baudry seems to be a WB star, and fairly well represented in my favorite importer. I actually just placed an order that includes his 2015 red Croix Boissée and 2017 Grézeaux. I also enjoyed the white Croix Boissée. Somehow I get the impression that good Loire Cabernet Franc approaches what Bordeaux used to be in past generations, before viticultural changes, global warming and this guy from Maryland changed the landscape.

Just drank a bottle of the Baudry 2010 Chinon Les Granges this week. I thought it was drinking quite well - especially for a bottle that cost $13.

I bought some bottles of this recently and I want to like it, but last night I opened my first one and I wasn’t a huge fan. This is disappointing because I had high expectations. Last year, I bought some Guion and loved it, and since Baudry is probably considered a better producer, I had high hopes. Different appleation, yes, Chinon vs. Bourgueil, but seems likie it should be similar enough (i.e. Loire Cab Franc). Perhaps I need to let it aerate longer…not sure.

Hi Fred, thanks for the note. I have no experience with the Guion, so not sure how he vinifies but this Baudry is made in a way that almost reminds me of a really good Beaujolais, with a different flavor profile. I don’t think the rest of the Baudry wines are made in quite a “young and fresh” style if that is the right descriptor. I almost see this wine as an early release snapshot into the vintage. Maybe others in the Baudry portfolio would be more to your expectations–I will let others who know a whole lot more than me about Baudry chime in. Cheers. Greg

Hi Greg,
In my experience Les Granges is very different from the other Baudry cuvees mentioned and I think you’re spot on comparing it to Beaujolais.

Ramon mentioned the 2014, and my brief notes on that vintage are examples of my sense that it is a cuvee to enjoy on the younger side.
Only in the world of wine can you get dark and bright at the same time. Pretty fruit flavors, enough structure. Very appealing.
I enjoyed my 2016 bottle more. Not old-tasting but less fruit and no positive evolution to offset that.

Thanks for the heads up on the 2019.

Doc Charles, thanks!! I am just now cutting my teeth on some of these producers and their lines. Recently sourced a few aged Olga Raffault Les Picasses (not yet delivered) that I’m anxious to try and will definitely share one with you the next time we are next able to taste together. Happy 4th. Greg

Thank you Greg. It did improve the second day after letting it aerate for an hour in the glass. And today I’ll see how it does on day 3.

Drinking this right now. As always, a totally stupid value. Where else can you find this quality for $22? Love it.

Looking forward to your thoughts on the '19 Domaine bottling

BTW…if this is the Granges from the case we split its actually the 2020.

Damn. Just checked. You are right, it’s the 2020.

(I do love Baudry, though).

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Coincidentally, was driving up from Clisson to my place near Richelieu and needed to buy some provisions and of course something to drink. Stopped off at a supermarché in Loudun and what should I find on the shelves but Baudry’s 2019 Domaine cuvée, not to mention a few other interesting bottles - from Roches Neuves, Alphonse Mellot and Les Vignerons du Pallet - from a vintage before they sold out to Loire Propriérés.

That’s this week’s drinking sorted. :grinning:

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@Chris_Kissack . Your mention of Clisson brought back memories of a nice lunch we had there years ago at a restaurant overlooking the river. From 2004 to 2008 I spent several months in Argenton Chateau ( aka Argenton Les Vallees=>Argentonnay=>?) While there,I got aquainted with Muscadet, Chenin Blanc,and the tremendous range and quality of wine and food available in even modest Frenchsupermarkets. (Reflets de France offerings were usually very good). In hindsight I regret that we didnt venture into the wines of Saumur, Bourgueil, and Chinon while there. Good memories.

@Michae1_P0wers . Thanks for the look at the 2018 Les Granges which we haven’t opened yet. We have enjoyed a couple 2014 Domaine not too long ago as our introduction to Baudry.

@Robert.A.Jr All Baudry roads seem to intersect with you (that’s a good thing)

PS Does a song by ZZ Top pop up in anyone elses mind when you read this thread?


Just popped the 2019 Domaine. Three glasses in. One cannot over-state how utterly fantastic of QPRs the entire line-up of Baudry is. Every single one. This Domaine is all of $20-$22 USD. Stupid good value.

Very pungent aroma of wet tilled soil with a dank hint of fertilizer (hint, brett - just a kiss of it to be interesting), red raspberry and strawberry purée. Some reduction. Herbs and pepper. Good, caressing mouthfeel, a bit chewy. This is a lot of wine for the price. So gulpable but one can see this evolve and improve with time. An easy case purchase. Better than the 2020 Les Granges that I had a few days ago.

(90 pts.)