TN: Bacalhoa MoscatelRoxo '00...(short/boring)

We tried this Wed night w/ the Panettone/MarzipanStollen bread pudding:

  1. Bacalhoa DO: Moscatel Roxo/Setubal VinhoGeneroso (100% MoscatelRoxo; Aged: 2 small casks for 9 yrs; 18.5%)
    Colheita 2000
    : Deep golden/burnished bronze/bit brown color; very intense nutty/Muscat/caramel/creme brulee/butterscotch pudding/toffee slight alcoholic very fragrant/perfumed complex nose; fairly sweet (8%-10%?) fairly tart/balanced very strong Muscat/flowery rather caramel/butterscotch/toffee complex lovely flavor; very long/lingering quite intense Muscat/floral/perfumed rather sweet balanced toffee/butterscotch puddin quite complex finish; a really beautiful dessert Muscat that’s not as oxidized as most Moscatel de Setubal. $30.00 (CB)

And a wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. This is a wine I got from DarrellCorti, advertised in his HolidayNewsletter:
    The Newsletter identifies it as 500ml…it’s actually 750 ml of very heavy glass.

MoscatelRoxo is a very rare pink/gris-skinned version of Muscat au PetitsGrain. The wine was made w/ some skin-contact that gave it a bit of a bronze/orange color.
I’ve had only 15-20 Moscatel de Setubals over the yrs. I seem to recall a rather common one that came in a strange pimply kind of btl. They are an interesting genre. Quite sweet, very intensely Muscatty, often rather underacid and cloying, often w/ a fair amount of oxidation. But still far better than the Muscatel drunk from a brown paper bag, down under the bridge (I’ve only had one of those Gallo ones…dreadful dreck…no TN, alas…but gave it an 89).
I was quite taken by this MoscatelRoxo. It had a freshness and liveliness to it that I seldom get from Moscatel. Great stuff…I’m getting more.

  1. OrangeWines: I guess this could rightfully be called an orange wine because of the skin contact. Because of this head-long rush to make skin-contact whites and amphorae aging, I’m surprised that nobody has yet tried it w/ Muscat. Sometimes the intensity of Muscat can be overwhelming and I would think making it as a (dry) skin-contact white might have some merit…ameliorating the intensity of the Muscat. But…nawh…everybody’s just interested in making anuther 100-pt NapaVlly Cabernet and not trying anything different.