TN: Arnould Dampt Badia Pieri Ogier Calloux

Lunch notes Dec. 2016

Very pleasant lunch with friends and of course with wines.

2005 Michel Arnould Cote d’Or Champagne Brut – too young to have picked up any secondary interesting notes, but shows promise for the future.

2006 Domaine Daniel Dampt et Fils Chablis 1er Cru Côte de Léchet – correct appearance, and nice lime/toast nose, sadly with hints of mild oxidation, low acid in the mouth. Drink up.

1997 Antinori Chianti Classico Riserva Badia a Passignano – pale edges, showing a nice mature nose with elements of earth and cherry fruit, still in fine shape and with a lengthy finish. Drink up.

2007 Agostina Pieri Brunello di Montalcino – lighter in colour and nose than the Badia, dark cherry in the nose and on palate, good fruit and soft tannin, with a somewhat acidic finish. I haven’t touched my stash of this, but was surprised that it was so forward, so I will tab this as an early drinking vintage. I have some 2001 I’ll also move up my list, but I intend to leave the 2010 for another half decade before starting in on it.

2005 Clendenen Family Vineyards Nebbiolo Bricco Buon Natale - I have always been pretty scathing about American made Italian varietals as I started tasting them 30 years ago at the wineries and got tired of answering the tasting room question of “What do you think? Pretty good?” with “No!” This was the best American Nebbiolo I have tasted, but having said that, it was a bit too American. Meaty smoky nose, not heavy on palate, a slightly sweet mid-palate, and at best a medium length finish.

1997 Michel & Stéphane Ogier Côte-Rôtie Cuvée la Belle Hélène – from the previous wine to this one was quite a jarring segue. It had a lovely mature Rhone nose, lacking only in the higher floral grace notes that you always hope for. Nice berry and smoky meaty things happening here, and a hint of something high toned – not eucalyptus, not really mint, but somewhere in the same neighbourhood. Long sweet finish. Beautiful wine, and no rush to drink.

1995 Les Cailloux (Lucien et André Brunel) Châteauneuf-du-Pape – this bottle showed atypically or me. Medium colour, but a much riper nose than previous bottles but decent fruit. Will have to open another bottle soon to see what’s going on. Also probably time to try my Centenaire of this vintage.