TN: Arnaud Mortet 2016 Gevrey Chambertin

Opened an hour before drinking. On first pour, immediate reaction is “Waaayyyy too young.” But after 30 minutes in the glass, there’s that familiar Gevrey spice. Lots of earth and dark fruit. Structure and depth, there’s the raw material for further development. Finish is complex, a mix of fruit and earth.

I have 5 more bottles. Will try another bottle in 2 years.

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Thanks for the TNs

Gevrey is my favourite and go to village wine; but never try a Mortet.

His Chambertin ( quire pricey - when compare with other Chambertin or CdBeze ) in Quebec, Canada is flying off the shelves within a few weeks after release.

Any data how it is elevage ?

No data on elevage.

On day 2, there is less body, finish is shorter and doesn’t linger. But continued development and integration between spice and fruit. The spice and fruit are more pronounced, even if the flavors don’t last like on day 1.

Very happy with this. Looking forward to trying my remaining bottles in the coming years

2016 is the debut vintage of Arnaud Mortet label and working with said vines. The wines will undoubtedly improve.

though he took over in 2005 after the unfortunate death of his father.

Domaine Denis Mortet, which Arnaud took over in 2005 as you mention, is a separate endeavor than the Arnaud Mortet wines. The Arnaud Mortet label began with 2016 vintage. Arnaud has assumed control of vines from another family who did not make wines themselves. Arnaud manages the production from vine to bottle as he does for Domaine vines. He produces (2) Gevrey-Village bottlings, the not oft seen La Perrière 1er Cru, Lavaux Saint Jacques 1er Cru, Charmes, and Mazoyeres. I may be forgetting another wine produced. So, Domaine Denis Mortet and Arnaud Mortet wines originate from different vines.



Interesting …so the Chambertin is still under the label of : Denis Mortet.

I was told that Denis Mortet - Chambertin is popular due to the Chinese factor in Ontario and Quebec, Canada.

BTW my prefer Gervey village wine, by far [cheers.gif] , is by Damoy under the label : Clos Tamisot. It is elevaged quite similar to his 3 g-crus. It is quite pricey for a village wine in USA but surprisingly not so in the HK and Europe. [scratch.gif]