TN: Anne-Francoise Gros 2005 Bourgogne rouge

Saw a bottle of this at Central Market and picked two up not long ago. Turns out it’s a nice little bottle of Burgundy for the $25 price, although it’s one that could use a bit more age.

Medium deep color with just a bit of pinking up around the edges. Visually it shows very little age. The nose is nice, if a tad hot and alcoholic. Sort of a crushed berries and flower smell. The palate doesn’t quite deliver all the nose promises, but it’s very good for it’s level. Cherry and raspberry flavors with a good bit of tartness, but plenty of depth. Not particularly elegant, but one typically doesn’t expect that in a Bourgogne rouge. Interestingly, it is still somewhat tannic, but has plenty of fruit to hold for a few more years. If I had some of this laid down, I’d check back in a year, expecting to find it still needing another year or two beyond that. I’m not much for points, but I’d guess 86 or 87, with a point or so to gain as it evens out with age.

In the end, would you recommend this as a buy for the price?
I thought I heard Anne Gros’ wines are hard early on. Coming from 05 would probably be a good thing.
I have seen some around, so I may try one.

Be careful, Anne Gros and Anne-Francoise Gros are two different domaines.

As Lewis points out, this is Anne-Francoise Gros, not Anne Gros. Frankly, I’m more fond of Anne Gros’ wines than Anne-Francoise’s.

(For a genealogy chart, see here:" onclick=";return false;)

But to your actual question, I’m torn. It’s a good buy for the price, but I think I’d rather spend $45 - 75 for a better bottle. But that judgment very much depends on your disposable income.

I sometimes tend to think that Bourgogne rouge shows better sometimes in lighter, more elegant vintages than in vin de garde vintages. Seems like there is never enough stuffing in them to hold up in the power vintages, but in the elegant vintages, the light on the feet feel of a regional wine is more pleasing. But that may well be a matter of taste.

You might look for some other Bourgogne rouge wines that typically show well. One I’m particularly fond of when you can find it is the Bourgogne-Cote Chalonnaise “La Digoine” by Albert de Villaine. It’s hard to find but it has been good in every vintage that I’ve tried it in.

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