TN: Alban Roussanne Estate '98...(short/boring)

Dug this one out of the archives last night:

  1. AlbanVnyds Roussanne AlbanEstateVnyd/EdnaVlly (14.4%) 1998: Deep golden/burnished bronze somewhat cloudy color; strong nutty/toasted hazelnuts/bit oxidized some honeyed/honeycomb slight honeysuckle/Rouss quite complex nose; quite tart/tangy rather honeyed/honeycomb some toasted hazelnuts/nutty/graham cracker some oxidized/bitter/aldehydic flavor; very long light honeyed/honeycomb bit nutty/graham cracker somewhat oxidized/bitter/aldehydic finish; some really interesting things on the nose but too bitter/oxidized/aldehydic/maderized on the palate; offers up little pleasure.

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. I was expecting a whole lot more of this oldie. But just too oxidized/aldehydic on the palate for me.

Bummer - would have expected more as well. But IIRC, 98 was not a great year. And much to my surprise, this Roussanne is no where near the 16% alcohol his normally is. Perhaps this contributed to it not lasting as long as it should? When was the last 98 you had? Perhaps it’s just the vintage . . .


I’m drinking up my 07s and 08s and they are right in a sweet spot; great golden color; hazelnuts. The 98 is over 20 years old.

Maybe the 98 was premoxed? newhere [snort.gif] [wow.gif]