TN: A Vosne-Romanée Night

A VOSNE-ROMANÉE NIGHT - (03.11.2014)

Overall I was a bit underwhelmed. Surprising that Echezeaux was the flight of the night. The presumed best wines did not deliver what was expected of them, also considering their price tag. Note to self: Although it is late, stock up with 2010, and it is no shame drinking them right from the shelf.
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Great Line-up - Thanks for the notes Lars !

At $2000+ a btl, this seems to be poor QPR… :wink:

Nice notes though!

Root day?
A very nice line-up with a good range of vintages.
I’ve had a few of these and in general appears they didn’t show as well as they have elsewhere. Shame.


Great notes. Outside of the 69 the “older” wines did not score well. Storage issues? Palate?


i need more Vosne Romanee nights in my life.

Except for the Grivelet I reckon that all bottles had been bought on release and stored in good passive cellars here in Mid-Norway. Heat damage is rarely an issue…Root day or simply bad luck, pick your choice.

Great stuff, pleased I loaded up on a few of the 2008 Domaine Anne Gros Echezeaux Les Loachausses earlier this year. Second good note on this today. Cheers Mike

Thanks for the notes.
Interesting comments on the 2006 since they seem to fall in the category of the acidic and possibly thin side of things.