TN: A terrific older Cal Cab on Single Awareness Day

I celebrated Single Awareness Day, aka SAD, yesterday with a few other solo friends by finally seeing Avatar, followed by Chinese and vino in a chic Gramercy apartment. A few wines opened, but this is the one that made the biggest impression on me by far.


1985 Jospeh Phelps- Cabernet Sauvignon, Eisele Vineyard, Napa Valley
This is showing beautifully. Just full of currant and black plum fruit, a touch of herb and cocoa. Picks up a nice dusty note and shows sweet brown spices and cedar. Nice sweetness to the fruit, but it’s balanced nicely by the acididty and tannins. No reason to hold it any longer as it’s drinking wonderfully now. A/A-.

The 85 always lacked the terrific 84 and 86 both that I loved. I must have gone through 3 cases of those wines. I am glad you enjoyed the 85, they used to utilize this great vineyard very well before it was sold.

I wish I had a SAD!

Exceptional wine, as it is its counterpart the Backus.

A “WOW” wine for me 10-15 yrs ago. I’d love to try another someday.

David [drinkers.gif]

Really enjoyed the 85 Backus several time, most recently in fall, never tried the Eisele. Sounds great.

I can’t imagine you needing one!

Is that for real, Brad - “single awareness day”?

BTW, how did you like Avatar?

It’s sort of like the festivus of Valentine’s day.

Loved Avatar. Story was a little predictable, but it was well done and the effects were insane without taking over the picture. They augmented the picture and you can’t say that too often about cgi. It was neat to see Cameron’s love of the ocean expressed in the picture.