TN: A Jaffurs & Bourgueil at DinDin...(short/boring)

Had these two a dinner last night:

  1. Jaffurs Roussanne StolpmanVnyd/BallardCnyn (13.5%; 2017: Med.dark gold color; very strong beautiful floral/honeysuckle/honeyed/Rouss almost Viog-like/spicy very light toasty/Fr.oak/nutmeg quite fragrant nose; lightly tart/tangy rather spicy/peppery very strong Rouss/honeysuckle/honeyed/floral/gardenia light pencilly/toasty/Fr.oak fairly rich lovely flavor; very long/lingering lightly tart balanced fairly rich very strong floral/Rouss/honeysuckle light toasty/Fr.oak quite spicy almost Viog-like rather complex finish; an absolutely beautiful balanced/structured Rouss that should continue to improve for 3-5 yrs; a steal at $23.80

  1. Chatrois CabFranc AC: Bourgueil (MeBalP; Biodynamique; 11.5%; ShiverickImports/LosAngles) Bertrand Galbrun/Benais 2017: Med.light color; some CabFranc/herbal fairly earthy/loamy bit spicy/thyme/pungent bit funky/natty/bretty complex some interesting nose; rather tart/tangy/lean fairly earthy/loamy light CabFranc/herbal/thyme/pungent slight bretty/natty flavor w/ light smooth tannins; long rather tart/tangy/lean rather earthy/loamy light CabFranc/herbal somewhat bretty/natty finish w/ light tannins; a rather classic Loire CabFranc profile but some natty/bretty uncleanliness. $16.00 (AV)

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. Jaffurs: I had this futures wine back in Dec shortly after it arrived. Pleasant enough, but just that. I faulted it for lack of depth and structure…a bit of an Oakland wine. But 6 mo. of age has done wonders for it. It’s put on weight and developed a lovely spiciness. Way far away from DollyParton territory and more like a rich TablasCreekRouss than the Jaffurs Rouss of old.


Great notes on that Roussanne - and you and I both know that time does wonders for that variety. I find most young roussannes to be a bit ‘quiet’ until day 2 or 3 - and simply not showing the texture the variety possesses.

Did you save any for Day 2? Curious to see how it develops . . .


Yup…going to try it again when I get home.

I’ve had that experience (limited) with the Jaffurs Roussanne too—I will keep a lookout for this latest vintage based on that note, Tom. Gracias



Had it this afternoon, Larry. Not a whole lot of change I could tell. Still loved the wine.