TN: 98' Broadley Pinot 'Claudia's'

I didn’t have time to stand this up as we decided to go out to dinner on the fly and was looking for something with age that I wouldn’t be too put out by not treating it the right way, popped and poured.
Dinner was at JUNE in Madison Park. Had no expectations, the meal was good, service was alright and was affordable for everything. Geoduck ap was the highlight of the meal, matched with a simple sparkler from the list.
This was a bottle from my cellar that I moved from Portland to Seattle 11 years ago. It’s good to see that almost every bottle, although traveling between multiple storage location have held up really well.

98’ Broadley Pinot Claudia’s choice- Color has a slight bricking at the rim, dark-ish core but showing some age. Nose is clean and clear with nose of cheese, baking spice, chalk, dirt, skunk and newspaper with a hint of bayleaf. Set aside for about a half an hour and this wine really comes together in the glass, showing white flowers, ripe cherry, whiff of oak and a combination of all of the aromas from before, really finds it’s self with time. Palate echos the first impression on the nose which is age, iron, blood, acidity, with a hint of fruit. But again, after time really blossoms with the mid palate filling out and the acidity finding it’s place with Cherry, baking spice and a hint of oak at the end. Matched perfectly with the Duck sausage ,Butternut nut squash Gnocchi. This wine was a little on the ripe side for me but had enough secondary notes to keep it interesting.

I have one more bottle and will decant next time. I would presume that if this bottle was stored ideally, it would easily go 10 more years.