TN: 90 Pol Roger 'Brut Chardonnay' [Champagne]

90 Pol Roger ‘Brut Chardonnay’ [Champagne] We went out for a small celebratory dinner last night and had this to go with a seafood mixed grill. I’ve had it since release, but its been moved a few times in its life, and I think motion is tough on bubbly. So not much effervescence in the flute. Golden apple juice color. No oxidative notes. Long finish, but no crisp acidity any more. This was our last bottle, and I liked them all better when they were young. I’m not aging Champagne anymore - I don’t get enough extra joy out of the vintage ones versus their price premium, and I don’t particularly enjoy the change they undergo. I’m happy about that - one doesn’t have to deal with cellaring/racking their awkwardness and it is much cheaper sticking to NV base blends. I’d give this a B-, although the others liked it way more than I. The girls are always more pro Champagne than I am, but it was too hot for a dry red with dinner. (I did start with a glass of an unusual red Cotes de Catalanes though)