TN: 89 Pichon Baron, 95 Angelus

Since Phil and Dan have posted notes on our weekend wines I think I’ll post on our BDX’s

1995 Angelus:
Classic bdx, lead pencil, chocolate and some cassis. This is a wine that will benefit with lots of cellar time as I thought it was way to young to be drunk. Good thing I have a lot of this wine, the potential is limitless.

1989 Pichon Baron:
Still very young this wine needs lots of air time to really enjoy it. However it was nice from the beginning, lots of creme de cassis, leather, tobacco and minerals, it really showed nicely after an hour. WOTN

Thanks for the notes (especially the Angelus). They look tempting but I thought they were still too young.

Nice notes. The PB is a great wine, young but really good.

I thought the PB was drinking very well. It could use a few more years but it was rocking on Saturday. The Angelus on the other hand was nowhere near ready but obviously a very well made wine.

Thanks Steve. Great to read your notes on these. I also thought the 1989 was rocking although I had the '99 Burg as the wine of the night. The 1995 Angelus may even be the better Bdx but it needs two decades before it will start to be ready to deliver its full potential.

I’ll have to look for Dan and Phil’s posts too.

Couldn’t disagree more about the Angelus. It was awesome a few years ago and has been getting more and more boring ever since. Sure, it’s Bordeaux and could still be alive and kicking in 20 years but I’ll bet anything it gives less pleasure then than it did circa 2000-2005. It was built to wow young and that’s exactly what it did.