TN: 85 Fabien Coche Meursault Goutte d’Or

awesome Meursault in its prime—nuts, minerals, honey—super acidity, fills the mouth. Excellent, excellent stuff.

85 , wow . Nuts , minerals and honey is all I need in my Meursault …
I liked Fabien Coche 2013’s a lot ( for immediate drinking ) and loved his 2014’s ( cellar time needed, because of nice present acidities ) .

Hi Alan,

How did you prepare this? Did you decant; how long in advance? As I mentioned in another post, I have had this (and the his 92 Puligny) and found them relatively simple, but I perhaps I am not serving them properly?

Nice note, Alan.
This one and the '90 were both brilliant for me last year. Great stuff.

I thought the Dury was out on these Alan, but yours sounds Goutte.

We’re also fans of the '90.

pop and pour.
Jeremy, may need to show you the d’Or for those puns.