TN: 82 Ausone, 82 LMHB, 90/01 Latour, 02 Lafite, 05 Sassacaia, 05 Masseto etc

nice work p-rob

Nice Phil. I loved the 82 Ausone too. It paled next to the 47 and 49. Sounds like a great night.

Freakin’ awesome P-Rob. Too bad about the corked ones, those had to hurt bigtime.

Wow, what a great lineup.

I’ve been a fan of the '97 Flaccianello for some years now, I had one a month ago and my notes are quite similar to yours.

You guys still suck.

Bravo all around, P-Rob! Thanks for the shoutout with pain grille (it’s not a ‘banned’ word anymore, lol) as well!

I need to look into some of these Italians, it would seem, and the edge that went to Bordeaux was just barely, as there seemed to be several Italians outperforming the BDX.

The '05 Sassacaia must have been a bit of a beast, huh? I would imagine it similar to some of the bigger '05 Bordeaux like Larcis Ducasse.

Nice wines. I really like those '05 Tuscans, but wait 'till you try the '06s. In fact, just tried the '06 Flacianello, its a beast.

BTW- When is the big day for you and Rebecca and Bill?

Philip…wow!! What a line up of amazing wines. I agree with you on the Pichon Lalande it’s never yet disapppointed me. You had some killer wines last night. Thanks for taking the time to post the tasting notes.

Todd, while the Sassacaia is a young massive wine ( I had it in April), from my limited experience with these wines and talking to someone will a lot of experience with these wines, they will not age nearly as well as the very good 05 bordeaux’s.

Looks like we will need to step it up a notch this Saturday.

Congrats! Just celebrated 5 years on the 12th! Send me your address and I’ll send you a wedding present . . . to drink!

I have a couple of bottles that won’t suck…let’s just say that the bottles have a unique shape to them for Bordeaux.

Could be…

Phil, nice line up. Thanks for the notes.

Great lineup. Many thanks for the notes. I absolutely adore Latour especially the 01 for near term drinking. Can’t believe the wine is drinking so well.


P-Rob, thanks for the TN on the '82 Auson…don’t see many of those. I have two virgin bottles that were bought on release, but I have never tasted the wine [shrug.gif]. Probably one of the few bottles in my cellar that I’ve never tasted…need to fix that soon…

Phil, sorry for chiming in late on this, was away with the Mrs and kids Thursday morn, got back today but can say my head hurt thursday morn. Your notes are spot on again, was suprised with how well the Italians stood up, the Flacinello especially was a wow wine for me. comment of the night for me, after the 82 La Miss was announced corked< ‘’ it’s cool, I have a back up in the car cooling" love it !! :smiley:

Not sure if anyone is still reading this post, but yes while the edge barely went to Bordeaux, Italy truly outshined the Bordelais. In the preface of the evening, I stated that Flaccianello would be the wine of the night and darnit, it was! It was absolutely an uncanny lineup of stunners. We even forgot how good the Guado was en mag. 82 Ausone was killer also.
The Gasparini family and the Rochettas had it right in the 40’s when they said they could make wines to rival the famed 1855 Class by Napoleon Trois. We have plenty more to witness because after all, the 1855 class aint going to change much! Las Cases may get bumped up, then maybe Pichon(which always rocks), but we have 61 chateaux on the left and 20 or so(top chateaux) on the right that have the rival-rous Italians ready to battle. Angry little Tuscans!
Even though 76 Krug technically didnt count, It was by far the wine of the night.
Thanks as always P-ROB.

Everyone stay tuned for You Show Me Yours, I’ll Show You Mine, Part Trois: Bourgogne Rouge versus the World!!!

Almost wedding time right or was it Saturday!? Congrats to ya!!