TN: 74' Montille Pezerolles Pommard

74’ Montille Pezerolles, Pommard-
The core is almost the same color all the way through to the rim, a transparent ruby, you can easily read through it is so light, with just a hint of brown around the rim to show same age. This wine is really vibrant and full of color and verve for something in it’s mid 30’s.

The nose shows old news papers, cracked black pepper, leather and the most amazing lift. This wine is on day 2, sitting in a decanter since 6pm last night and it finally showing it’s stuff. There is a stream of gravelly raspberry mixed with velvet and purple with lilacs and Acacia flowers, brilliant sheen and robe.
The Palate has moderate acidity that rounds out with blueberries, currents and raspberries all mixed into one, crushed with rocks and then stripped of it’s youth. Tart cherries, ash, olives, concentrated raspberries build as the wine opens in the glass, finally Really great tension between over and under the hill, the wine fades yet keeps it’s persistence.

I would have the thought the decanter would have killed this wine, but it just helped it blossom.

I bought 5 bottles from Acker, years ago, for about $30 each, it’s one of the best investments in learning I’ve ever made.


Nice note. Montille and Pommard I guess made for aging. Cheers Mike

An amazing tribute to the longevity of these wines in the most difficult of vintages. It’s increasingly apparent that Hubert was a great winemaker.

Another shocker…another well aged wine from an “off” vintage that no one probably even tried to age out…that was actually better the next day in an open decanter.

I remember that Robert Ampeau made some glorious '74s that, at age 20, sang, too.