TN: '72 Souverain Cellars Pinot Noir

Steve picked this bottle up in Commerce Corner because we don’t see a lot of wines from my birth year. We expected it to be DOA, but we thought it would be fun to open at least one '72 on my birthday.

Bright and clear ruby red core fades to a tea-like orange rim. On the nose, earth, barnyard, sweet tobacco, floral notes, and even a hint of plummy fruit remains. Gentle sweetness on the attack, followed by a silky texture that falls flat at the back of the mouth… it just sort of disappears. The flavors on the palate, such as they are, seem more advanced (and stewed) than the nose. We’re surprised and pleased that this wine is drinkable at all, even if it’s not great. (edit: and fell apart completely within the hour)

Steve, bless his heart, says I’ve held up better than '72 Souverain Pinot.

Fun note… thanks for posting. I’m a '72 baby as well. I’ve unfortunately never had a good Cali '72.

72 here also. Good thing we age better than most wines.

1972 - I was in 2nd grade, had a huge crush on my homeroom teacher, won in the school reading competition; then President Marcos declared Martial Law; the law firm I was to start my legal career with was founded on the 1st of May - my birthday.

You’re 2 years younger than my youngest sister, Melissa.

That is a fun note … a pleasant surprise. Happy birthday! 72 is a good year for people :slight_smile:

Some of those older CA Pinots can be quite lovely. Happy Birthday!

I love tidbits like that. That sort of thing never happened in NYC… although, when I was in my early teens, Mayor Koch fell asleep at a ceremony in my high school auditorium. It’s not martial law, but it wasn’t great for his career [wink.gif]

Wait, you grew up in NYC? Where? What school?

Grew up in Brooklyn, then Stuyvesant HS in Manhattan, '87-'90… total expat NYer here.

Holy crap! I used to go to Stuyvesant parties, one of my friends transferred from my school, the Lycee Francais de New York. His name was Dana Watkins. You guys had the hottest women (aside from our school, of course). Or at least the easiest. Which, of course, made them hot. Either way I had fun at your parties… [wink.gif]

Dana Watkins… the name’s not familiar. What year did he graduate? Time to start sifting through the high school pics for the Frenchman in sandals! I don’t suppose you were at the “Strangelove” Depeche Mode-themed party in 1988? [wink.gif]

I am glad that the bottle found a good home and that it provided some enjoyment. Happy Birthday!

Thanks Errol, I should add that it was obviously stored very well… thanks for that too!

I would advise all of you '72 kids to go with the year of your conception (assuming Sept or earlier b-days). '71 (my birthyear) was of course great in lots of great regions (Burgundy, Piedmont, Germany, Champagne, etc.).


Yeah, 1971s rock, even in CA. Heck, the wines AND the people have aged amazingly well. I know of what I speak, I am a 1971 baby. Or, as my parents and most of the known world would say, a 1971 legend. [bow.gif]