TN: '71 Clair Dau Chambertin Clos de Beze

’71 Clair Dau Chambertin Clos de Beze - when the weather is warm I like drinking champagne while cooking, but when it’s cool I like drinking red burgs. It’s been quite cool lately, so last night while making some sauteed chicken and mixed mushrooms I popped and poured this fantastically aromatic wine. Perfectly clean fruit with a lot of nuances and complexity. I love the combination of drinking wine while smelling cooking aromas and then drinking the same wine while eating the preparation. Great length to the wine and a perfect match to the aromas and taste of the food.
The one unusual thing is that the bottle itself looked to be much older than the vintage. Maybe Clair Dau was recylcling bottles back then? Staggering minus

Tonight the Country Squires get together for Krug, DP, Richebourg from DRC and Leroy, and La Landonne. Will post notes as soon as my hangover wears off.

Thanks for the note - very intersting …
I once had a fantastic bottle of Bonnes Mares 1978/Clair Daü … and have heard about great experiences with Musigny and Clos St-Jacques by CD, too, but this was my only bottle I´ve tasted so far …


Very interesting notes, thanks Ray.

Nice combining two of life’s great pleasures. Kudos.

Personally, if I was drinking a 40 year old Beze, I might get distracted and burn my food.


there was definitely bottle recycling after WWII. Some domaines wouldn’t sell wine unless you returned the same number of bottles as you were buying. Haven’t heard of that in 1971.

Here in California, when we want cool weather wine, we crank the air conditioner, light the fire in the fireplace and drink it!


Very nice Ray! I’ve had some good Clair-Dau wines but none from '71!