TN: 2022 Vincent Dancer Hautes-Côtes de Beaune Blanc

If you had blinded me on this wine, I would likely have said something more akin to higher-end Muscadet. Chalk, lemon oil, lees and a chamomile-like quality make for an elegant nose, but the palate is light to the point of being dilute, lacking midpalate weight and any sense of amplitude. A touch of floral bitterness on the finish. I think I understand the stylistic direction here, but this truly does not say Burgundy - or even Chardonnay - to me. Painfully young, of course. I am curious to try this buzzy producer’s higher-end bottlings (and have two of his Chassagne villages from the same vintage) but I am not quite convinced here, especially for the going rate.


lol that is a good call on the muscadet. i have got that impression from some more new school white burgs. the village wines are not to be overlooked tho, just not worth anything near the going rate. the funny thing is wines like bretaudeau’s gaia are already as overpriced as burgundy too. buy some boisson[vadot] meursault village for <$100 and call it a day. maybe the lesson is to avoid producers which trend on social media?