TN: 2021 Jean-Paul & Benoit Droin Chablis (France, Burgundy, Chablis)

  • 2021 Jean-Paul & Benoit Droin Chablis - France, Burgundy, Chablis (7/5/2023)
    Some citrus blossom, lemon, freshly cut hay and oyster shell. Full and rich, with excellent detail. There's ripe orchard fruits at its core and a huge squeeze of lemon to the back-end. The finish is strewn with geological matter.

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Thank you, Jeremy. One of my favorite Chablis producers.

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such great Chablis, a top 5 in my book, now that premox seems to be behind them. Ruined some 96s.

I have had a lot of good luck with their bottlings, which we really like. Please don’t be too positive. It will ruin the very reasonable pricing.

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They’re are only 3 Chablis producers that i buy without regards for vintage or cuvées (well, there would be 5 but I don’t have Raveneau or Dauvissat allocs): Louis Michel, Droin and Picq.

The ones I buy one bottle of to guide my purchasing are: Servin, La Chablisienne, Le Domaine d’Henri and Billaud-Simon.

I haven’t had a lot of luck with Fèvre, Athanaïs de Béru, Vocoret or Louis Moreau. So i mostly disregard those now.


Defaix is another good one

Why is that? Michel tends to be my standard Chablis, so just wondering stylistically.

I’ve either had bottles who were too tight (clipped finish too) or were too advanced. That’s for 1ers and GCs. I might have been unlucky but after something like 6 or 8 bottles i just figured there was enough other good producers to purchase. As for village from Fevre, I’ve found it underwhelming compared to the other producers I listed.


I’ve been quite happy with Fevre premier crus on up, and haven’t had anything remotely advanced since the diam corks were introduced (2007 for premier cru, 2010 for grand cru).

With regard to the Droin AC Chablis that Jeremy posted on, it’s really a good wine, esp for just an AC Chablis. The only problem is that in our market, off the shelf, the price tag is $47. For me, I tend to be very happy with Droin, Samuel Billaud, Bessin-Tremblay, Fevre, maybe Billaud-Simon, although haven’t had any of the latter in the last few years. (Priced out of Raveneau and Dauvissat).

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I don’t see Servin mentioned here very often but they’re a benchmark for me as well.

Count me as another big fan of Droin. I’ve always found the style somewhat fuller than that of, for instance, Louis Michel. But Droin seems to manage even the richer vintages well IMO, where some other producers can seem a bit flat. Of course, that’s just my anecdotal impressions. Even so, I really like them most in the more classic vintages. I remember the 2014s being particularly excellent.

I also really like Bernard Moreau and Moreau-Naudet.

I’ve had the same experience with Fevre, though I know it’s a minority viewpoint. Big fan of Droin, have some '14 Le Clos that I am waiting on. I just polished off a 2010 Billaud-Simon Tonnere–really strong wine. Deep golden color, but no premox, classic oyster shell, great depth and lpvely finish. Tend not to buy much Chablis recently but I am surprised to the upside how well the older ones I still have show.


Samuel Billaud and Julien Brocard also consistently excellent for 1ers (and “basic” although the term is a stretch at their pricing). I don’t buy much GC so can’t really comment there. (I tend to think of the 1ers as the truest expression of Chablis but that may be my ignorance.)