TN: 2021 Bedrock Wine Co. Syrah Angeles de Arena

2021 Bedrock Wine Co. Syrah Angeles de Arena - USA, California, Central Coast, Santa Barbara County (5/23/2023)
Decanted for two hours prior to serving, this would have been better served by four. Initially rather blocky, it opened up and gained layered complexity the longer it was open. Eventually there was the classic smoked meat, and dark berry fruit characteristic of Syrah. More time created more nuance, and the wine became brighter in the mid-palate. It’s delicious now, but given how it evolved over several hours I won’t be opening any of my other bottles anytime soon.


I tasted this at the winery with Chris and was blown away by the quality. I thought it was drinking very well now, but has a long life ahead of it.


The terroir this cuvee highlights is special. My favorite SBC Syrah from other producers in the area highlight the sandy soil plus direct coastal wind/fog impact.

My suspicion is over time Syrah from this terroir will have broader visibility. I have no idea what it best compares to from the N. Rhone. But it is unique and very fine wine, when well made.

I didn’t really find a N. Rhone analogy. And I am glad I didn’t. It’s indeed unique, which to me is better than being “like” something else.